from left to right as of 2014: SouRav age 17, Pastor Dalbir, Sonali age 14, Pastor Sunita, Sachin age 15

Mahila Utthani Samiti (M.U.S.), is a Non Profit Organization located in Mussoorie, a small town in the hills of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand Pradesh. Mussoorie is 31 km from Dheradun nearest town and district headquarter and 300 km from Delhi. This is where Pastors Dalbir and Sunita have been working since about 1992 although the organization was just formally established in 2003. They have been reaching out to the poor and needy people. M.U.S. has and is implementing various Government Rural Development Programs since 2003 in the field of Health, education, agriculture development, spiritual, poor kid hostel program through farmers & women empowerment in district Tehri Garhwal, Mussoorie & Dheradun, population is about 16,000 in about 20 rural villages and implementing various community development programs.

In 2014 Three Hearts Church began to work with Pastors Dalbir & Sunita as an outreach. They have established “Cherie Prarthana Charitable Trust” which is working in the Himalayan rural areas of Uttarakhand state of India. We are sharing the gospel to different communities of Uttarakhand state. The main mission of the trust is to provide spiritual teachings to the community so people can join our ministry through development programs through Yeshu Sat Sangiti & seekers (Jesus Fellowship Groups & house churches), establishing rural churches. They are continually doing spiritual teaching and are implementing some activities with poor rural people for empowerment of persons with disabilities, education to orphans through hostel, health preventive and curative services on grass root level, empowerment of rural and tribal women through income generation programs, vocational training to the youth etc.  

Contact Nos. +918126306473 & landline Nos. +911352630396
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