Cherie Beltram

My mother took me to church as a teenager and I prayed the prayer of salvation in my teen years and was even baptized.   I left church in my 20's and returned briefly in my early 30's.  However, I did not come to know God until I was in my 40's and this is when I truly believe I was saved.  I was re-baptized at this time.  I am married and happy to say my husband is a man of God.  We had our daughter later in life and one of the first things God ever spoke to me was to home school her. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done but it certainly has its moments.  We as a family are all growing spiritually in the Lord.  When the Holy Spirit began to work in me He was moving so strongly in my life that I had a desire to go away to bible college, and to go and learn Hebrew and Greek.  It was during this time that the LORD gave me a dream and a vision.  I had never experienced anything like what was happening in my life.  I even thought I had some special power or something because I was not understanding that all of these things were God at first.  He is so wonderful and when you seek Him just as the bible says, you will find Him when you seek Him with all of your heart.  I could not read my bible enough.  The only thing I wanted to talk about was God and He has become the main subject of discussion in our home.  I cut out all tv programs in our house that were not Christian and I began to take notes from Christian teachings on tv.  I bought a Hebrew/Greek bible and a Christian Dictionary and a Strong's concordance.  I would post short messages on facebook on many days just to get God's Word out.  As you get to know the bible and God better He gives you a boldness and before you know it you find yourself talking to all sorts of people about Jesus that you never would have thought you'd be able to in a million years.  I would and still do read my bible each day and ask God to open my understanding.  I love to read the bible and I see myself in the stories.  I go back in time and picture myself in those stories there with Jesus and King David and all the rest.  There are a range of emotions in the bible from laughter to tears, but one day  we will live forever with our King and never have problems or tears again!  It was just in the beginning of 2014 that God confirmed to me through Pastor Philip in Liberia that He had called me to preach the gospel.  I felt this calling a few years ago but was not sure what it was.  I had even looked this up online to see what others experienced when they were called by God to preach His Word.  I knew I was feeling and experiencing a strong pull in this direction but wasn't sure and so I suppressed it and went on with my life.  Now in 2014 God divinely connected me with Pastor Philip, God gave Pastor Philip a dream in which he saw me preaching the Word of God.  When he shared this with me it confirmed to me what God had already placed in my heart.  I have a ministry in a Nursing Home and it is an honor to share the Word of God and fellowship with these men and women.  I am excited to go forth in the Name of the Lord as He opens doors!!